redPAY is online payment method for business that many Australian organisations – small and large – use to collect payments from their customers. Read onto find out about redPAY entries (debits) on your statements.

Frequently asked questions

redPAY charges / debits on behalf of a business you are receiving a product or service from. For example, this could be a childcare centre, a local council, a charity you support, a small business or even a large organisation. We can only collect payments for businesses where you have given them permission to do so.

Yes, absolutely! redPAY complies to the highest level of global payment security standards and is audited annually to ensure we adhere to the latest and newest standards. This requires considerable investment and attention on our behalf. Because of this we are able to act as a payment facilitator and can provide financial merchant services to companies and individuals. Rest assured your personal banking details are being managed with the highest level of payment security.

To change debit amounts or frequency please contact the business that you authorised to collect these funds as payments for their products / services.

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