Do you pay invoices to a company that uses redPAY to transact payments?

You’ve come to the right place. Here you can discover more about the company deducting money from your account and our online payment methods.

redPAY is a fully automated payment gateway system that businesses can use to accept or collect payments online in real-time or via BPAY or Direct Debit. This can be for regular recurring payments or a one-off payment.

redPAY is a product of The Redbourne Group, who started providing software and service solutions in 2000 after winning a Queensland Health government tender for software and program coordination services. This contract continues to this day. Nearly two decades later our range of software products and services, and our local support team, has grown markedly.  Operating out of Brisbane and Melbourne, our customers include various police, health departments across Australia, over 1500 Childcare Service providers with  thousands of independent Educator businesses, plus many NGOs and NFPs providing health and community services – organisations like Odyssey House.

Our connection with you has come about because a company that you do business with employs the redPAY payment gateway to facilitate financial payments and collect money from you for the products/services of theirs that you use / acquire. redPAY is a highly secure platform that complies to global banking standards of security and processing. It lives in the cloud enabling anytime, anywhere processing.

You can read more about how we likely came to be collecting your payments here.

How redPAY works for you

In evolving redPAY’s online payment methods, we’ve always been conscious of how it best needs to work from the business owner’s point of view and from the payee’s point of view, i.e. your view.

To that end the types of payments that redPAY accepts and vendors offer include all the popular payment types, provide the greatest convenience possible. and make it even easier for people to pay their bills.

That is why we currently offer 3 payment methods – though note the business you pay, may currently not offer all of these:

  1. BPAY
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Online payments in real time via
    1. e-invoice
    2. via a Website Portal with a secure log-in
    3. Or onsite

For real time you simply need to set up your account details once in the system, create your own 4-6 digit redPAY code and you can do payments when you are onsite at your business providers’ premise.

When you make a payment using the redPAY system you are automatically sent a receipt notification via email for your records and peace of mind.

Helping you cover bills

We recognise there are times or circumstances where a bill you need to pay has to be:

  1. Co-paid by another party and/or
  2. Paid from more than one account

We have enabled this capability within the system.

You have the ability to pay via 2 different credit cards. You can store both credit cards in the system and nominate which one you want to use for this payment or if you want to split the charge across both and for what amounts.

Similarly, with direct debit you can nominate for the funds to be taken from multiple accounts.

A heads up

For most people, direct debit or a recurring credit card charge is the easiest way to pay regular bills as it takes up less time on your behalf (as it’s a set and forget process), and you are unlikely to miss payments and be served with overdue notices or penalty fees.

As a courtesy, the redPAY system will automatically email / SMS you before your direct debit payment or credit card charge is made. This is to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account prior to collection so a dishonour or default fee is not charged due to an incomplete transaction.

Upon receiving this notification, if you are unable to meet your payment commitments you are advised to call the business who provided you with the product or service to discuss your situation. It is at their discretion how they accommodate your personal situation.

Default/Dishonour Fees

If you are charged a default or dishonour fee, it will appear as a dishonour fee on your next invoice.

To avoid you having to pay multiple dishonour /default charges, the redPAY system does not automatically charge your account each 24-hour period thereafter. The reset directive to collect your outstanding payment is initiated by the provider of the business service and is manually operated. This is to allow time for the two of you to organise a new payment collection date to avoid an incomplete transaction and another default fee being charged.

If you have a complaint about a default fee, you are advised to take it up initially with the company whose payment you were unable to pay.

Additional information on online payment methods

Further information on our redPAY service can be found on this question and answer page.

If you have any feedback or suggestions or other questions, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please call or send a message via the contact page.

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