The Redbourne Group is preparing to introduce a major upgrade to its redPAY payment gateway software that will result in cost savings for redPAY clients.

One of the most competitive financial gateway payment offerings in Australia

According to Stephen Menhinnitt, Managing Director of The Redbourne Group, “For the past ten months our IT development team have been planning and building a new technology platform that will improve our security profile as well as result in lower transaction fees – as much as 20% for same transaction types.”
“Whilst some of the savings can be attributed to the growth in redPAY and the ability to pass savings onto customers. The move to integrating with a new banking platform means we are also able to access further cost savings,” he said.

redPAY customers will not notice any changes to the interface of the software they are using as all the changes are in the back-end engineering.

“Over the course of the next two months we will be notifying our customers of the reduction in their transaction fees” Stephen said.

“This is good news for our customers as we constantly strive to improve the value of redPAY to their business. It is also good news for new clients as we cement redPAY as one of the most competitive financial gateway payment offerings in Australia.”



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