redPAY has been designed with the cost-conscious operator in mind, trying to put big-business capabilities in their hands, for a fraction of the cost. That said, it’s a powerful system for large enterprises and for software developers needing a payment gateway solution for a government or commercial tender.

Our pricing is simple.

Set-up Fee

Depending on the type of payments you want to accept, a modest set-up fee may be applied. Contact us for further information.

Transaction Costs

We charge a flat fee for all payment types excluding credit card payments. Credit card payments include the flat fee plus the credit card surcharge. Contact us to discussion transaction costs.

Default Fees

To minimise the likelihood of an incomplete payment, redPAY sends an SMS to the payee advising them of the imminent direct debit.

Whatever the payment method, if there are insufficient funds to clear the payment then a default / dishonour fee is charged. The client has the flexibility of absorbing this fee or passing it onto the payee.

The system does not automatically try to collect the funds 24 hours later – or any period thereafter for that matter. The re-collection is a manual process initiated by the business owner.  It is recommended that the business owner contacts the payee to ascertain when funds will be available before selecting the ‘Reset Dishonoured redPAY Invoices’. redPAY has been designed with this manual step to avoid multiple dishonour fees.

If a payee has had insufficient funds to complete a transaction, redPAY will send them an SMS / email advising them that we tried to process a payment but there were insufficient funds, please transfer money or contact your provider to attend to this payment. This helps the payee investigate and attend the situation before you, the business owner, calls them.


Where your client is entitled to a refund, (e.g. due to a cancellation of services brought about by a pay-in advance situation, or some other reason – whatever the directive is from your own system), then we process this on your behalf for free.

Volume Discounts

For large volume and large value transactions we are able offer competitive discounts depending on the nature of transactions. Contact us for a quote.

API Integration

For integration with your nominated business or accounting system we provide a quote once we work out what’s involved.

Software Updates

Each year redPAY software is audited to ensure it complies to the latest PCI DSS banking standards. This requires the Redbourne Group, the developers of redPAY to constantly monitor and update the software. Any updates are automatically rolled out to all client systems free of charge. This ensures your system complies to the most current and most secure banking standards.

Over the past 10 years we have not found any incompatibility issues with clients that have integrated redPAY with their internal business systems using our API integration.


redPAY does not charge our redPAY clients, nor their end clients (payees) for any support calls or emails in relation to using our payment gateway software.

As all charges levied on a payee are at the business providers direction, any queries on payment charges are re-directed to the business owner.

We can provide proof of account status and answer queries on default charges as we know the transaction outcomes and why a transaction has been declined.

Not all low-price payment gateway systems are the same

redPAY has been used for over a decade by thousands of child care providers and their families. It is a trusted, highly reliable and fast payment processing platform.

Here are some other factors to consider when comparing our low-price payment gateway to others.

I am a Business

wanting a better way to
collect payments

I am an individual

paying money to a
business via redPAY

I am a client

already using redPAY

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Speak to one of our redPAY solution specialists today!

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