Online payment gateway reports can and should be easy for businesses to use and understand – particularly if you don’t use them every day.

That’s the thinking behind redPAY’s automated reports. Because the system takes care of regular processing, most of your financial processing happens in the background.

Plus, if you have redPAY linked to your core business/industry software system through API integration then your accounting and other systems are automatically updated as money is received.

As an owner you have the ability for the system to generate and send you reports – e.g. Failed Payments to Follow-up, or you can pop into the system as required to run and view other reports. Additionally, we send you automatic notifications direct to your inbox when any payments are collected.

Online payment gateway reports made easy

redPAY comes with a range of powerful inbuilt reports so you know what’s going on with your clients and payments at all times. Some of redPAY’s standard reports include:

  • Direct Debit Request Form

    Clients can print paper-based direct debit forms or give payees access to online forms to collect their nominated direct debit account details.

  • Direct Debit Status Report

    This shows Active, Conditionally Active, Inactive and suspended clients paying via BPAY.

  • Payments Received Report

    This report outlines the redPAY payment transaction activity over a specified period.  It displays all payment types and transactions clearly showing: Payee, Fee paid by (Business / Payee), Method of Payment, Processed Date, Associated Invoice No., Invoice Amount, redPAY Amount Collected, Merchant Charge, Credit Card Surcharge, Total Charge, Received (i.e what is paid to Business).

  • redPAY Bank Deposits Report

    This report provides an amount and deposit reference number that can be used to when conducting bank reconciliations. It also breaks down the redPAY fees associated with the deposited amount. Report headings include: Batch Deposit ID, Date Created, Amount, Transaction Fees, Dishonoured Fees, Total Fees, Bank Name, BSB, Account Name, Account Number.

  • Generate redPAY Receipts Report

    The redPAY system can automatically generate and send receipts to payees. This report allows the Business owners to view all redPAY receipts that were created over a specified time and/or for a specified client, handy for if a client accidentally deletes their emailed copy.

  • Failed Payments to Follow-up

    This report provides you with a list of redPAY Direct Debit, Debit Card or Credit Card payment processing transactions that have failed. It provides details such as: Client Name, Invoice Number, Invoice $, Transaction $, Date, Ph and Email contact details for client, Fees Paid By Option.

  • Other Reports

    We are happy to show you all of the report functionality via a personal web demonstration. Book a demo today.

  • Systems Integration

    We are able to program these reports into your core business/industry software system through API integration.

We are also able to work with you to create custom reports for a nominal fee.

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