Looking for online payment services like Paypal?

Many people start to think about using an online payment facility following experience with a system like PayPal, eBAY or Gumtree.

When shopping around for a financial payment gateway system for your business it can sometimes be a case of you don’t know what you don’t know – or rather you don’t know what your checklist should be.

To help you with this process here are our 20 questions to bear in mind. And our answers.

We transfer every business day if there is cleared funds in your account

We advise you immediately that payment has been made in your favour. As soon as those funds are cleared (usually overnight for a credit card) then we transfer the funds directly to you. Be warned, that some payment online payment services like Paypal hold your money for up to 21 days, sometimes longer. Seriously, yes!

In most cases we don’t charge a set up or establishment fee. If due to the complexity of the work we need to charge a set-up fee, the cost is $250 inc GST.

Zero.  We don’t charge a minimum monthly recovery charge if your transactions don’t reach a certain volume. Or a monthly or annual subscription or package fee – or a cancellation fee either.

We provide a user manual and an introductory training session.

Redbourne provides free technical support to our clients 8 am to 6 pm AEDT with a free 1800 783 336. You only pay for a local call. Around 50% of our staff are in service and support roles. We have made this investment so that waiting times on phone queues are minimal. We aim to have 80% of phone answered within 20 seconds.

Yes, most likely. We have API Solutions specialists who can work with you to ensure redPAY seamlessly integrates with your core and management business software. You’ll be able to set up customer Direct Debits, enable BPAY, online real time payment methods with your customer payment records being updated automatically. Contact us to discuss your requirements and will provide a quote for this service. Alternatively, your own developers most likely can work with our API.

No. There are only transparent fees.

We only charge on transactions. That charge is a flat 70 cents if the funds come from a bank account. If the funds are paid by a credit card, then we charge a flat 70 cents and 1.9% of the amount being collected. If there are insufficient funds from the collecting account, we charge a dishonour fee. Your system does not automatically query a payee’s account every 24 hours. It’s a manual directive on your behalf, so you have the ability to ensure cleared funds are in the payee’s account before setting the directive for redPAY to re-collect. This way you can avoid multiple default charges.

Be aware that the biggest cost to your business is often not in the flat processing fee, but in the credit card surcharge fee. This is because increasingly people opt to pay via credit card to get “the points”.

We believe our combined offering is very competitive.

Clients who come on board at our standard rates only have to give one month’s notice to wind up their service. There is no cancellation fee.

For customers processing large volumes or sums, and have negotiated this up front, yes, we provide a discount.

No, you do not have to maintain that volume for a minimum of three month and, no, you will not be charged a fee difference.

It can be. Our software is based in the cloud and adheres to global banking standards.

redPAY has been used for over a decade by thousands of child care providers and their families. It is a trusted, highly reliable and fast payment processing platform.

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