There are numerous advantages in store for businesses that are primed to receive online payments. Here’s why you should seriously consider moving to redPAY’s online payment system:

  • Accepted payment method in the community

    Many businesses now offer direct debit, BPAY, credit card and online payments as standard customer payment methods. It’s increasingly important to offer these payment options to be competitive and attract and retain clients.

  • Convenience for your clients / members

    They don’t have to stress about having cash on them to pay you. How many people carry cash, these days?
    They have peace of mind knowing that they will always be up‐to‐date with their fees or payments.
    They can create their own, easy-to-remember 4-6 digit code for added security.

  • A cashless environment for your business

    You no longer have to visit your local bank branch to cash funds received or have the worry of storing cash onsite.

  • Safe & Confidential Data Storage

    As your clients’ financial information is encrypted and securely lives in the cloud, there is no requirement for you to store bank account details or credit card numbers onsite.

  • Integration and with your core software

    redPAY’s API is a fully-functional, high security API that can be programmed with your core business systems and/ or accounting system such as MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero to deliver extensive benefits to your business.

    These include: no getting up to speed with a new system; less time spent on administration; and an always-up-to-date payment register / accounting system. Here are further details on our API Integration Services.

  • Freedom to focus on your actual business

    Once you enable your business to not only receive online payments but also integrate it directly into your core systems, then you will have much more time to focus on your clients and what is strategically and tactically important to your business.

Online Payments add up to a big PLUS

  • Saving money

    As well as saving staff and administration time, by moving to your own online payment system you are likely to save yourself a considerable amount in bank processing fees as redPAY is much more competitively priced. This will have a marked difference for organisations that run large volumes of monthly transactions. As well, you can choose to oncharge all or part of the payment processing / collection fee.

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